Texas Driving Safety Course

Texas Defensive Driving Techniques

A common misconception of defensive driving courses is that they are strictly for traffic violators who must take them to alleviate a penalty. However, a defensive driving course is far more valuable, even to drivers who have never received a traffic ticket. Defensive driving courses refresh you on Texas traffic laws, help you improve your defensive driving techniques, and make you a more responsible driver. And the best part is that with an online defensive driving course, you can accomplish all of these tasks right from home, with minimal effort involved!

Refresh Your Driving Skills

No matter how adept you are on the roads, everyone forgets a thing or two throughout the years. Taking a defensive driving course gives you an easy way to refresh your memory on some of the more obscure Texas traffic laws that you may not encounter every day. The online version of the course is typically single-subject based, so you cover each topic one at a time, and get to focus on the laws and regulations in a way that will help you remember what they are.

Protect Yourself

The most beneficial aspect of your course is to actually teach you defensive driving techniques. You’ll learn how to increase your awareness of other drivers around you, and cultivate ways to prevent hazardous situations from occurring. Tips such as using the 3-second following rule, identifying and staying away from reckless drivers, being generous on the roads, and observing traffic far ahead of you to anticipate events will help you be a responsible driver and possibly save you in the event of an crash.

Know How to React

If an emergency arises, you should know what steps to take to ensure the safety and survival of everyone involved. A defensive driving course will teach you to:

  • Determine who is injured and how badly
  • Safely exit the vehicle if possible
  • Call 911 if necessary
  • Get the other driver’s necessary information
  • Take pictures with your phone if necessary
  • Remain calm and provide a clear head to others involved

Reduce Points from Your Record

This is the most common use of a defensive driving course, and can be extremely beneficial. Texas traffic laws indicate that a court may give permission for a driver to take a defensive driving course in lieu of receiving point on their license, or they may voluntarily take a course to clean up points that already exist. This is an incredibly easy way to save yourself a lot of hassle if you find yourself with a ticket.

Save on Your Insurance

Some insurance providers will even reward their members for being safe drivers if you take a defensive driving course. You could receive up to 10% off of your premium, which equals long-term savings for a short-term course. Your insurance company wants you to be a responsible driver because it prevents their risk of having to pay out in the event of your involvement in a crash.

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